On Sunday evenings, you can enjoy four types of gnocchi non-stop at € 12.00 including cover charge.

And to work out ... "Caminando par S. Antonio"
At the entrance you will find brochures with the following paths appropriate for the whole family:
Zaona - Calta - Forte Maso - Romera - Taldi

Par the picinini…
Homemade pasta with ragù; tomato or plain pasta with oil or butter
Potato gnocchi with ragù; tomato or butter, sage, and parmesan
Grilled chicken breast with potatoes
Veal hot dogs or würst with potatoes
Par scumixiare...
Swordfish carpaccio with cherry tomatoes and diced bread on salad
Oven-cooked spaghetti with wild herbs, Taleggio cheese, and seasonal vegetables
Sopressa di S. Antonio with home-made pickled vegetables
Crostini with local lard made with herbs
...de primo ghe xe...
Our oven-baked gratin pasta
Home-made pappardelle with sausage ragù
Tortelli with veal rump sautéed in its sauce
Soup of the House
... i gnochi...
Fioretta (fresh ricotta) gnocchi made according to tradition
Ricotta gnocchi with three aromas (basil, thyme and smoked ricotta)
Potato tortelli stuffed with green asparagus with butter and bacon
Our potato gnocchi with seasonal sauce: Nettles and robiola cheese from our valley
The classics: ragù; tomato sauce; sage, butter, and parmesan
Mixed gnocchi
500 gr. of mixed gnocchi with sauces on the table

For our celiac guests, we offer gluten-free pasta with sauces on the menu and bread.

...de secondo ghemo...
Baked Tomino cheese wrapped in Trentino speck and seasonal vegetables
S. Antonio sopressa and cold cuts with polenta and malga cheese
Carne salà (savory meats) from Trentino with parmesan cheese on salad
...sule bronse...
Sliced cuts of Black Angus (250 gr.)
Sliced cuts of foal (250 gr.)
Veal chops (about 350 gr.)
Pork fillet with three peppers and mustard
Chicken breast with curry and rosemary