The territory of Valli del Pasubio is suitable for day trips and excursions of various levels, ideal for families and also for expert hikers, as well as for exciting mountain bike routes, Nordic walking, and trekking.

Near Valli del Pasubio there are three essential mountain groups: the Pasubio Group, the Carega Group, and the Cengio Alto Group; in each of them, there are numerous hiking trails, including significant historical features created during The Great War.

After each excursion, you can rest and have an excellent traditional dinner with gnocchi and other typical dishes at the Da Carla restaurant.

The water route to Valli del Pasubio is a path that is accessible to everyone and can be enjoyed in tranquility; this itinerary also allows you to appreciate the natural beauty of the valleys and the wealth of water in the area.

Along the way, you can admire several historic buildings in disuse as well as an example of a Venetian sawmill in excellent condition.

The walk consists of about three kilometers of gentle ascent and as well as three kilometers of descent to return.


The well-known road of 52 Tunnels is a route of about 6.5km. It starts from the Bocchetta di Campiglia parking lot and reaches the Refugio Achille Papa on the top of Mount Pasubio (from which it is possible to continue to Palon peak).

It takes about 2.30 / 3.00 hours to hike. This excursion is not particularly difficult, but it should not be underestimated; You can only walk on this road, and you need to use a torch while inside the tunnels.


La Strada degli Scarubbi is a wide road much quieter and easily practicable, which is usually traveled downhill from the return of the 52 Galleries (going from the Refugio Achille Papa to the parking lot of Bocchetta di Campiglia). The itinerary is viable both by bike and on foot..

Built in 1926, it houses the remains of over 13,000 victims (Austrians and Italians) in the Pasubio area during the First World War.

Located near the Pian Delle Fugazze, it is easily reachable by car via a paved road or on foot via a hiking path starting from Campogrosso.

Every year, on the last Sunday of June, a celebration is held in memory of the bloodiest battle on the massif.


The Road of Heroes is a vast, unpaved stretch, but drivable that is about two kilometers long and connects the Havet gallery with the Refugio Achille Papa.

The Sengio Alto mountain chain, between the Pian Delle Fugazze and Campogrosso, has different peaks and paths appropriate for those looking for a quiet walk or expert hikers.


On the Carega massif, which is the highest peak among the Little Dolomites (2259 meters), stands the Refugio Mario Fraccaroli from which you can admire an incredible panorama that spans the three provinces of Vicenza, Verona, and Trento.

The summit can be reached either from Campogrosso (which can be reached either on foot via hiking trails or by car) or from the Tre Croci pass, located near the "La Gazza" Refugio, which can also be reached by car.


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Trail in pairs that takes place in the territory of Valli del Pasubio with a total development of about 22km and a total climb of 1200m. The route runs almost entirely on dirt roads and mountain paths, combined with stretches of asphalt roads. The maximum time to finish the race was set in 5 hours from the start.